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Coming Soon! Greenwood Academy! A pan-fandom roleplaying game!

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Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 Crossover RPG

Stargate Galaxies RPG

Col. Samantha Carter is in temporary commmand of the SGC, Teal'c never arrived at an appointed meeting with some of Ba'al's former Jaffa, and Dr. Elizabeth Weir has been recovered from one of Michael's experimental labs. But is she the real Dr. Weir or just another clone? Only time will tell.

You're probably asking yourself what the frak is going on here? Well, I'm glad you asked -- or at least thought about it, right? So, let me begin...

Stargate Galaxies
is an online role playing game or RPG, based on the sci-fi television series and subsequent movie spin-offs of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Players are invited to take on the roles of their favorite characters from either series or to come up with characters of their own creation.

We strive to offer a creative, fun, and diverse role playing experience for all. Only your imagination limits the fun -- or trouble -- you can get into! If this sounds like the type of game you'd like to be a part of, then please come visit us. We invite you to check us out at Stargate Galaxies and take a look around. We'd love to have you join us and become a member of our community!
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NEEDED: We are currently in need of players to take on the roles of Col. Samantha Carter, Col. Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Dr. Jennifer Keller! Other canon and created characters are welcome.

Airman, SEAL, Marine, brilliant minds of our generation!

General Hammond wants YOU to sign up and serve your country!

Do you have the know-how and the guts to survive a trip through the wormhole? Can you trust the men and women guarding your back? In the war against the Goa'uld, no-one and nothing is ever as it seems. Once you walk through the gates and into Cheyenne Mountain, life as you know it is over - and your adventure has just begun.

Welcome to the SGC, the only line of defense the Earth has against the forces lurking in the vast reaches of space! Set in the world of Stargate SG-1 but splitting from show canon as of Season 7, Stargate: Skywatch is a non-canon, steady-paced PbeM game, allowing you to play an original character on a field team, base staff, the Alpha Site, Area 51 or off-site R&D.

Stargate: Skywatch boasts a rich cast of PCs and NPCs, long-running story arcs, and plenty of space to develop your own. We have eight active field teams, and there's always room for more! We are actively recruiting, so swing by our website and take a look:

If you have any questions, drop us a line at admin [at] stargate-skywatch [dot] com

Note: Skywatch is rated R, and you must be age 17 or older to apply. Applications must be made through the form on the website. The format is play by e-mail, and membership in the game's google group and team-specific OOC lists is required.

Sep. 15th, 2009

a p a n f a n d o m t o w n o f c h a n g e .

Somewhere out there, on a path you never take, lies a small, nondescript town. There's nothing remarkable about the town that anyone can remember. No one important ever had anything to do with the town, but then again...no one important ever avoided the town. In fact, you can't even remember hearing the name of the town before. It's not a particularly memorable name, and even when you do hear it, the name slips away as quickly as it comes.

Recently, people have begun to vanish in its vicinity. Then again, maybe they always have, and you've never paid attention to it before. Maybe you still haven't paid attention to it. Certainly, very few have ever gone looking for anyone missing. At a glance, there is absolutely nothing nefarious about the town at all.

You know your reason for coming to the town, for passing through it on the way to somewhere, or for investigating what little you have heard of it. There's nothing sinister within its boundaries. The townsfolk are distant, but friendly. They're just the same as any small town might be.

You can leave any time you want to.

You won't be.
Join the Atlantis expedition!

You've watched the show, discussed it with friends and read the fanfiction?
But you still want more?

Then join our RPG!Collapse )

Stargate: Makeshift

Stargate: Makeshift RPG
Stargate Command continues to be under threat by the Goa’uld, and still continue to explore other worlds in the name of research and exploration. We follow the various Stargate teams to see into their lives and their missions. We meet some familiar faces as well as some old and some new faces. One thing when being a part of the Stargate Program – anything is possible

Canon NB:
* Takes place at beginning of season 7 (702 ‘Homecoming’)
* Atlantis project hasn’t been founded yet


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Stargate: Makeshift

Stargate: Makeshift is a RPG for the SG-1 series, but isn't limited to the other Stargate franchises.
It takes place just after 'Homecoming' (702) where anything is possible for the Stargate Command. There's no limit to travel, however the Goa'uld is still a threat to Earth. Its up to the stargate teams to help protect life as we know it, and continue explorations to other planets.

For all the rules, characters and applications please head to


The Lifeboat: Panfandom RPG

Twin Moons THE END
The earth is gone.

A year and a half ago you, and the rest of the world, learned that everything you thought you knew about the world, the galaxy and the universe . . . was wrong. We aren't alone in the universe and while all the aliens out there weren't out to get us, there were more than a few who were.

In the mass hysteria and martial law following the revelation, other information leaked out: the earth was under attack, the survival of humanity was at risk and the world powers had secret plans in place to save a remnant of the population and save humanity from certain extinction.

You were one of the few, either chosen by your rank and station or randomly via lottery, to go through the stargate, an advanced alien device that afforded nearly simultaneous transportation between worlds, to a lifeboat colony. There, alongside 7500 others, you would begin to rebuild human civilization.
You are part of the remnant of earth's population, surviving and rebuilding at the lifeboat colony known as Gamma Site. Though earth is gone, there is a stargate at your disposal and thousands of unexplored worlds at your fingertips.
the_lifeboat is a post-apocalyptic multi-/pan-fandom game loosely based in the Stargate universe.
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Email: thelifeboatmods@gmail.com

the_lifeboat is a post-apocalyptic panfandom game based in the Stargate universe.
Twelve months ago, the world as you know it changed. The Stargate Program went public and the population of the world learned that aliens were real and that the earth had been in contact with them.

Eleven months ago, unknown to the public, a devastating threat hung over the earth. Secret lifeboat colonies were created and those lucky enough to be chosen migrated to these safe sites via the stargate.

Seven months ago, an unknown hostile alien species destroyed the earth's sun, and earth as you knew it was gone.
You are part of the remnant of earth's population, surviving and rebuilding at the lifeboat colony named Gamma Site. Though earth is gone, there is a stargate at your disposal and thousands of unexplored worlds at your fingertips.
Stargate Cliff's Notes

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Gamma Site

Taken Characters

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Email: thelifeboatmods@gmail.com
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